When you work at Bon Jour, we simply love taking care of your day.

All facilities are included in the price of any coworking plan and pass

hot drinks

Prepare yourself the perfect espresso with the best coffee in town by ApexCoffee, or pick your favourite flavoured tea among the many ones signed by Pukka Tea. At Bon Jour hot drinks are unlimited, every time you want.

premium wifi

Don’t let a poor Internet connection slow down your workflow and affect your productivity. At Bon Jour we guarantee you always get a high-speed and secure wifi connection.

office supply

From stationery to creative tools, daily planners, envelopes, post-it notes and charging cables, find at Bon Jour everything you need to keep your peace of mind, stay productive, and get your work done.

magazines & books

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Find your daily inspiration in reference niche books and independent magazines coming from all over the world!


Let’s be sincere, who doesn’t love sweets while working? If you don’t exaggerate, there’s nothing bad with that! At Bon Jour you can satisfy your desire with homemade cakes or gluten-free and organic cookies.

fresh fruit

Consuming fruit at work is one of the best habit you can introduce in your daily lifestyle: it stimulates memory, improves focus and motivation, hydrates your body, increases productivity, and makes you feel so much better.

flavoured water

Lemon, cucumber, mint, rosemary, grapefruit.. Quench your thirst with our homemade refreshments for all tastes!


The best conversations start in a kitchen, they say, and it’s true! Store your food, warm up your dishes and share your lunchtime in our lovely and fully equipped kitchenette.


Away for a while? Back tomorrow? Get a locker to store your stuff!


Still wasting time waiting home for your parcels? As a member you get a free mailbox, so that you can get mail and small parcels easily delivered at our place.

prints & scans

Get unlimited professional prints and scan your documents straight to your mailbox in a few click.