Coworking Host Program

Are you regularly coworking at Bon Jour? Do you love help others and would be happy to take care of our cozy space? Then join our Coworking Host Program!


Since Jan 2019, you can apply to join the Coworking Host Program and become a Coworking Host at Bon Jour!

A Coworking Host is a Bon Jour member responsible for the coworking space and other coworkers’ happiness during a 5-hours shift (9am-2pm or 2pm-7pm), in exchange of a discount on his/her coworking plan/pass.
Host’s Main Duties:
The Coworking Host opens or closes the venue, welcomes and checks in coworkers, introduces new members to the community, helps out coworkers during their working day with information and technical support, provides information to visitors, makes sure everything is on place and properly working, and contributes in general to create a joyful and welcoming atmosphere.
Depending on days, these duties can take up to the 20-25% of your shift: the rest of the time you’ll be working on your projects as a regular coworker.
Host’s Main Perks:
The pleasure of taking care of other people and of our lovely space 🙂 , the experience as a host in an international environment, the opportunity to get more in contact with professionals coming from all over the world, and a discount on your coworking plan/pass:
1 shift (5h) = 5% off | 2 shifts (10h) = 10% off | 3 shift (15h) = 15% off | 4 shifts (20h) = 20% off | 5 shifts (25h) = 25% off | 6 shifts (30h) = 30% off | 7 shifts (35h) = 35% off | 8 shifts (40h) = 40% | 9 shifts (45h) = 45% off | 10 shifts (50h) = 50% off
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