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Patricia Astrain
Founder @ Recircular


Great coworking space and amazing atmosphere and coworkers! It is a really cozy space, nicely decorated (every corner has a special and nice touch!), with a great atmosphere where everyone knows each other. Unlike other spaces, everything is included!! Coffee, tea, printer, scanner,… Do you need an envelope? Yes, those still exist and Silvia has one for you! It is also a nice place to rent for an event or a special meeting. Good packages that offer much flexibility and at great prices!

Cais Jurgens
Business Developer


Bon Jour is a great spot to get things done and make connections and friends in the process. The office is charming, clean, bright and unique. The events involve great food and wine and the location is right between Flagey and Jourdan. A great alternative for anyone tired of always working from home.

Charlotte Wirth
Journalist @


Thanks to Silvia, Bon Jour really is a happy place. It is a wonderful mix of coziness with a great work atmosphere. Rather than a place to come and work, Bon Jour is a community that allows you to meet and exchange ideas with people from all over the place, working in a wide range of different sectors – which opens the floor to the most interesting exchanges . Since joining Bon Jour I have made new friends, started projects with other coworkers, had much fun, learnt a lot and always go to work with a smile.

Vincent Lacape


Awesome place to work in ! Silvia created a beautiful place with a perfect atmosphere which brings nice and creative people, love working here, thank you Bon Jour !

Manuele Sarfatti
Founder @ Tomorrow


Sometimes, if you are a home worker, you need to get out. Just an excuse to get dressed and wash your face. You know, see people, do things, the sun… that kind of things. But you still need to work. So you go to Bon Jour, because it’s a coworking but it feels like home, it’s beautifully decorated, and full of beautiful people. It’s much more than a coworking in fact. Or you can go work from some boring corporate grey european neighborhood co-office if that’s your thing, we don’t judge!