knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing helps you grow and keep learning, gives recognition to your talents, enriches our society, and pushes you to become better at what you do.

Share your gift

Ever thought of how your unique skills set and experience could help others?
Enrol for the Knowledge Sharing Program and exchange your know-hows and skills with know-hows and skills you’d like to learn from other members. Growing together has never been so easy!
Please note that the Program is reserved to Bon Jour members. Not member yet? Join us today!

Acquire new skills

Which skills could give a boost to your projects? Which know-hows could help you grow?
From web design to finance, from content marketing to photography, discover all the knowledge other members will be happy to share with you!

How it works

Knowledge sharing is an exchange, as we believe anyone has a unique expertise to share with others.
Once you find a skill you’d like to grow among the ones proposed by other members, you can propose an exchange of know-how by contacting through our members directory the knowledge-owner.
When the match is done, you can schedule with him/her a meeting online, or offline in Brussels. The access to our meeting space is offered for knowledge sharing purposes!