memory wall

More than a place, Bon Jour has been an incredible story about people, sharing, growth, support, laughter, and fun. About strangers turned into coworkers and coworkers turned into friends. About joyful moments, and all those little things that make our everyday life feel so special. If you have been part of this adventure with us, we’d love to receive a message from you! You can share your best memories, what Bon Jour has meant for you, what of it you’ll carry in your heart.. or just say goodbye ūüôā

My contact with Bon Jour was through a friend of a friend. I first discovered the space at one of the fantastic events organised there, with beautiful music, delicious food and good wine. Later, I went there from time to time to co-work. Although I didn’t use it much, it came at an important time for me, as I was finishing my PhD and was frustrated, stressed and sick of working alone at home. Going to Bon Jour, even those few times, was a nice change, and I really enjoyed the beautiful space, and friendly company. It was just the boost I needed to get things finished. Thanks Bon Jour and Silvia. What a great project. We will miss you!

-Nettah Yoeli-Rimmer

Dear Silvia, Dear Bon Jour,

So sad and joyful emotions come to me at the same time when I get your e-mail about Bon jour saying au revoir…. What to say but only a big THANK YOU!¬†Bon jour was at first only a place to ensure I can work on my project, and become very quickly a cocoon where I can build energy and fuel my project on every steps. You Silvia, by creating this space, you’ve created much more, for me it contribute to the energy, the confort and obviously the connexion we all need to live and build the confidence needed to go further… thank you so much for this !!!¬†Bon jour will be always a big step into the launch of HAPPY DAYS through our conversations, numbered cups of tea and sharing events… you made the difference to me and you will amways stay there in my heart !¬†I wish you enjoyed the experience, happy that you’ve learned so much, you can be very proud of all the lives you’ve contributed to change and improve on the 5 years path…. I’m sure you’ll find a great next challenge that makes you happy, this is all what you deserve !¬†And obviously stay in touch, I will be so glad to hug you soon when we will be allowed to !!
Cheers and all my profound gratitude, it has been a luck to meet you. All the best, big big big hug!

-Marie Bussi

Hello silvia, I am sad to see that the coworking is closing. It was a great place, warm and welcoming. I met beautiful people and although I was very focused on my work, I felt good there.

I wanted to finish by saying thank you, thank you for your presence, your listening and your welcome at Bonjour.

Good continuation! and see you soon I hope! ūüėČ

-Catalina De Cock

Thank you to Bon jour and to Silvia for beautiful memory of a causy concert played there with my band. I remember also with pleasure when we moved there the first furniture of that beautiful place. Your positivity has been also a nice presence on social for those years. All the best for your next adventure!

-Emanuele Bozzini

Au revoir BonJour, merci pour les beaux souvenirs que j’ai de toi.

-Camilla Panchetti

Thank you for your kindness Silvia ! Not Sad, and looking forward to hear your next projects !

-Auriane Borremans

Thank you for a great time, Silvia! I joined Bon Jour only a few months ago, but the moment I did, I knew that I was not going to stop coming to the space. After two years freelancing from home, from the library, and from cafés, it was wonderful to have a small-scale, personal, and welcoming space to work in, where I could leave my laptop sitting on the table, where I could chat with coworkers, where I could make my own coffee and heat up my lunch. It made a big difference to me and really improved my work-life balance! I hope I will find a space like Bon Jour again, and I wish you, Silvia, all the best! Thank you for providing the space and for letting me discover how great coworking is!

-Marieke Krijnen

Thank you Silvia for having created with so much love, imagination and simplicity this magical place with the colours of your generosity, your joy, your optimism, your spontaneity, your kindness, your audacity.
My heart is sad to learn that Bon Jour says Goodbye and at the same time I am full of gratitude for having met the magic of Bon Jour and its beautiful vibrations in the summer of 2017.  Nice trip to your new projects!

-Jean-Marie Vanderstraeten

It has been a pleasure to meet you, Silvia, and all the people of the co-working space.
When I came to Brussels, I didn’t know too many people, since I used to work from home. This co-working space really changed the perception I had of the city and made me feel better. It was releiving to know I could go to Bon Jour anytime I needed, and it was always nice to see Silvia and share some time with people there.

Thanks for the warm environment you created.

-Simona Alessandria

Hello Silvia,

I will remember Bonjour as a joyful place with a unique atmosphere.
I achieved there an important piece of fiction writing, surrounded by creative & innovative people, at a time when I was looking for a work routine. I also carved a pumpkin for the first time of my life and will never forget this sculpture experiment!
No matter what you do next, I know you will create something special and make the others around you feel comfortable always.

Thank you & Good luck!

-Geneviève Genicot