To mark our closure we’re releasing a special poster full of Bon Jour vibes. Download the free version and get colouring it, or grab a Riso print in our shop!

If you know Bon Jour, you know how our journey has been since the very beginning about sharing kindness, support and good vibes among professionals. We believe we need more of that in the world, and we can’t imagine to close our doors in a different way! Hope you’ll enjoy the special poster we’re releasing for this last occasion, that collects a tiny bit of all the crazy and simple things we’ve done during these 5 years together.
You can download the colouring version, print the illustration or save it on your tablet – then relax and get creative with the colours you like the most! Or you can purchase in our shop the vibrant risograph print released in limited edition, and add a joyful Bon Jour touch to your home.
If you’ve been a coworker at Bon Jour, please get in touch to receive your free copy as a gift! 🙂
The lovely drawing is by Norma Nardi, Brussels-based illustrator, and printed by Frau Steiner.