Changeable Letterbox

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Lightbox with letter package by BXXLGHT


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Inspired by the old cinema lights in NYC and by the ambition to make interior more personal, the designer Daniela Upmark created The original changeable lightbox in 2013. With the BXXLGHT lightbox + a 56 Letter Package you can create your own custom quotes depending on your mood. Let your interior do the talking!

Included letters: A:3 B:2, C:2, D:2, E:5, F:2, G:2, H:2, I:2, J:1, K:1, L:3, M:2, N:4, O:3, P:2, Q:1, R:3, S:3, T:2, U:1, V:1, W:2, X:1, Y:3, Z:1

Lightbox Dimensions: Height: 50 cm Width: 70 cm Depth: 13.5 cm.

Plexiglas with aluminum frame, LED light, rubber cord of 3 meters. With the modern LED technology the lightbox consumes ten times less power than a standard lightbulb. The LED lasts 10,000 hours, doesn’t get hot and can be easily changed by purchasing a new LED strip.



Somewhere between New Yorks dusty streets, screaming neon signs and the dream of Miami, the bright pink light and Art Deco houses, BXXLGHT was born.

Founder and Creative Director Daniela Upmark had just quit her job at PR agency when she went to New York to clear her head and think about the next step. She ended up falling in love with the bright signs and street art quotes that were all over the city and came home to Stockholm searching for similar art for her new apartment. She found nothing. BXXLGHT was born.

BXXLGHT is bold, unafraid and about saying what you need to say, rather than falling in line and behind the quotes of others. The whole idea is expression. Each BXXLGHT product becomes so much more than just pretty thing: it becomes a statement. It adds that touch of personality to the costumers home. A BXXLGHT product is always that cherry on top.

Today BXXLGHT is more than just a tool for people to express themselves in a form of art. Costumers like Kate Moss, Stella McCartney and Poppy Delavigne confirm that. The BXXLGHT universe that Daniela has build, quickly transformed into a lifestyle concept with an unique tone. The interior style is maximalistic, colorful and loud. Something else than what you expect from a Scandinavian brand, but that’s what made BXXLGHT stand out.