renard bakery

Fancy an artisanal cake or a delicate pastry to pamper your morning break and add a gourmet touch to your afternoon tea? Then you can choose among the many sweets prepared by Renard Bakery with tasteful flour, real butter, and the best raw ingredients.

Laurent and Sophie took over in 2015 the old bakery located on the busy and cosmopolitan Fernand Cocq Square, and “converted it into their own bread palace” (Knack Weekend). The couple, combining a lifelong love for fresh bread, a good dose of entrepreneurship and a passion for design, belong to the new generation of bakers who have breathed new life into traditional bread-baking.

our selection

Tarte au riz  20,00€
Traditional rice cake.
Size: 6 people
Tarte aux pommes  20,00€
Cake with puff pastry and apples.
Size: 6 people
Tarte aux cerises  20,00€
Cake with puff pastry and cherries.
Size: 6 people
Choco Praline  5,00€
Chocolate crumble and praline biscuits.
Min 5 pieces
Eclair  3,50€
Options: vanilla, chocolate or coffee.
Min 5 pieces
Mont Blanc  6,00€
Marrons glacés, chestnut mousse, cream.
Min 5 pieces
Crôute Citron 5,00€
Shortcrust pastry with lemon cream and meringue.
Min 5 pieces
Crôute Framboise 5,00€
Shortcrust pastry with vanilla cream and raspberries.
Min 5 pieces
Crôute Chocolat 5,00€
Shortcrust pastry with chocolate cream, praline biscuits and chocolate crumble.
Min 5 pieces