thank you

Don’t be sad because it’s over. Be happy because it happened!

After 5 beautiful years of coworking, encounters and events, it’s time for Bon Jour to close its doors and say au revoir.
It’s the ending point of an incredible journey that went far beyond the brand and my imagination, but also a joyful moment of profound gratitude for the wonderful path we’ve walked together.
While looking back at all the good things that happened since the opening of this space, I would like to thank all the ones who believed in and supported Bon Jour in many different ways over these years, and let its universe become somehow part of their life.
Without each of you, all this magic wouldn’t have been possible 🙂
When I opened Bon Jour in 2015 my wish was to create an inclusive space for location-independent professionals like I was – a kind of second home where to work, share, explore, have fun together, and grow. I felt Brussels was missing a networking place with an international and creative vibe, and I tried to set it up.
Coworking was still little known in town, and people looking at us from the street would ask me for months what we were supposed to do seated around our big common table, or whether they could bring home that lovely lamp. In the end, I didn’t want to create an ordinary space, and the project simply came up by putting together all the things that I love the most – design, coworking, workshops, events, retail.
While professional isolation was quickly becoming the new normal in many big cities across the world, I called the space Bon Jour as an invitation to get out of home and join the space to work together, and to remind that if we only want every day can be the good day to be a good day.
Five years later, at the moment to take the decision to close the doors and turn the page of such an important chapter of my professional life, I can’t hide that what I value and will miss the most won’t be this space, but the big community of wonderful people that I’ve met along the journey: the ones who embraced the adventure and crossed their path; the ones who grew in there their dreams, projects, collaborations and talents; the ones who became good friends for life, and shared uncountable memories that will last forever in our hearts.
Today I feel content and grateful because if I look back I see five years full of encounters, friendship, dreams, energy, projects, hugs, laughs, events, great coffee, good wine (!), discoveries, courage, growth, and, last but not least, I see a lot of love. The journey hasn’t always been easy, but it’s definitely worth the travel, every single day 🙂
A big hug to everyone – together it will always be a Good Day, wherever we are!
Silvia Galli – Founder @ Bon Jour
Thanks to the coworkers
Thanks for turning what was just an idea into something real, and an empty space into a home with a soul – if only the walls could talk! Thanks for growing and being part of such a caring and fun community despite all the diversities that could have set us apart. Thanks for your trust, your enthusiasm, your words and unconditional support. Thanks for sharing your stories, projects, dreams, troubles, laughs and fears like we do in a family we love. Thanks for showing me the priceless worth of this journey, for teaching me the magic of bringing people together and the true essence of the coworking world. Thanks for creating so many happy memories to carry in my heart!
Thanks to our clients
Thanks to all the professionals, companies and corporate clients that chose Bon Jour over the years for their meetings, team work and events: thanks for your trust!
Thanks to the wider community
Thanks to the community we built through social media and the many events we organised over these years: thanks for your curiosity, your friendship, your support, your energy, your presence, and for all the great fun we had!
Thanks to all suppliers and partners
Thanks to all the suppliers, collaborators and partners that walked alongside and helped Bon Jour come up with new ideas, services, products, projects, and events over the years. Thanks for the passion you put in what you do, for your reliability, your competence and your support. Bon Jour wouldn’t have been the same without your work!
Thanks to my family and friends
Last but not least, a huge thanks to my great family and fabulous friends, who encouraged, helped and supported me and Bon Jour in many different ways. Thanks for your precious presence, your insane support, your patience, your enthusiasm, your understanding, your trust – I feel so lucky to have you in my life 🙂